The Federation of Disability Sport Wales (Disability Sport Wales) is recognised by the Welsh Government as its lead organisation for the development of sport and physical activities for disabled people.

Our Corporate Plan sets out our agenda for the period 2009 – 2013. It identifies the main challenges that disability sport faces, offers solutions and outlines the resources required to deliver key priorities over the next four year cycle.
In developing this Corporate Plan, Disability Sport Wales has taken account of the Welsh Government’s strategy, ‘One Wales’, a programme which seeks to improve the quality of life for many of our disadvantaged communities, including the disabled. 

The 'One Wales' strategy shares our vision of a more inclusive and equitable sporting Wales where disabled people are offered real choice, in more locations through quality driven opportunities for all.

Disability Sport Wales recognises the important role that we have in contributing toward the successful delivery of the Welsh Government’s strategic action plan for sport and physical activity ‘Climbing Higher’. 

The Welsh Government aims to:

improve the health of our nation; 
• encourage more people to take part in sport and physical activity regularly; 
• help more of our athletes and sports people to be more successful. 

The 'Climbing Higher' targets for sport and physical activity apply ‘equally to disabled people’ 
Through our programmes Disability Sport Wales will work toward the aims of the Welsh Government by broadening the choice for disabled people to participate and be more successful in a more inclusive sporting landscape. Partnership is key to delivering our agenda. We have identified the following partners as being critical to our plans:

a) Local Authorities: working with Local Authorities to ensure that grassroots opportunities exist, are appropriate and can be sustained;

b) Voluntary Sector: working with the voluntary sector to improving the quality of their offer within sport and physical activity ensuring that all opportunities are appropriate, and delivered within a safe setting;

c) Sport Wales: working with Sport Wales to ensure that all current and future national programmes are fully inclusive in their roll out;

d) National Governing Bodies of Sport; working with the National Governing Bodies of Sport to ensure that they are upskilled in order to a more inclusive delivery system;

e) Athletes: ensure that athletes receive appropriate support services to ensure that they achieve their full potential.

By focusing effort on these key partnerships, Disability Sport Wales it ensure that disabled people share in the ambition of a nation.

An active, healthy and inclusive Wales, where sport and physical activity provide a common platform for participation, fun and achievement, which binds communities and the nation…….’

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