Questions and Answers

How Does the Site Work?

The site enables you either as an sportsman/sportswoman, association or sponsor to register on the website. Once registered, you will have exclusive access to the athletes their videos and contact details, associations or sponsors details.

This is where an athlete will be able to see the teams and sponsors, that they would like to be associated with and vice versa, where the sponsors and associations will also have exclusive access once they are registered, to the respective sportsmen and women in all the disciplines that they wish to look at.

The sportsmen and sportswomen in their respective disciplines can then be contacted either directly by the sponsors or associations, with the details provided online or through the site itself, depending on their preferences when registering on the site.

Why Will This Work for Me?

The Sport Scouting Network is a totally unique way to make sure you are seen and to enable your talent to be shown to the right people in the right places all the time. Once your video, photo and details are uploaded and the registration fee is paid, you will be able to be seen by all the respective teams, associations and sponsors on the website.

All the teams, associations and sponsors will have exclusive access to your videos and details, once they have registered on the site. No contact details will be viewable before they have registered, to ensure your privacy throughout.

Having worked in the Sports Marketing & Sponsorship field for 10 years now with people such as Shane Williams, Ospreys Rugby and Glamorgan Cricket. As well as dealing with and negotiating commercial deals for high end athletes, with companies such as Powerade and Guinness, I know what it takes to be seen within the Sporting Market and how you have to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

This website gives you the chance to do that - putting YOU in the Sporting Spotlight and ensuring you are able to concentrate on what YOU do best in your respective sports.

Do I have to Upload a Video?

No you don't have to upload a video, if you have not got one. The site is not based just on Video representation but also visual and as long as you are registered on the site, you will be seen by the right people, at the right time, all the time.

You can just upload your photo as well as your details on the site and this will still ensure YOU are being put into the Sporting Spotlight.

Are there any charges?

There is a registration fee of £15 for 1 year for all sportsmen and sportswomen, this ensures that your videos and contact details are viewable for 1 year exclusively to all the sponsors, teams and associations on the website.

For Sponsors, teams and any associations, the registration fee is £295 for 1 year, giving you exclusive access to all the Sportsmen and Sportswomen on the website, as well as their contact details when you see the right person for you.

The registration fee includes your logo, website link and bio, different advertising packages are available. Please contact the site for further details.

Are my details secure?

The only people who will be able to see any contact details will be the relative sponsors, team and associations who have registered on the website. 

Details will not be visible to anyone else and should you wish for your contact details to remain anonymous, you can leave your contact details with the administrator of the website and they will only pass the details on if you should wish to the appropriate Sponsors, team or association.

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